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Here you can find lecture notes, homework assignments, and other lecture materials for the courses I have taught.

I believe that students can not necessarily be "taught" anything. Rather, as instructors, we facilitate students' own learning by providing them with probing questions and any necessary information.

I have been a student in far too many classes that only asked me to answer questions alone with pencil and paper to think that is the optimal way to facilitate learning. In my own classroom, I utilize technology at every possible avenue to help with this facilitation. Be it asking students to use Python to integrate a tricky integral numerically or MatLab to make interactive graphs where students can adjust various parameters to gauge how they affect the output from a simulation. I also encourage, or sometimes mandate, group work. Science has always been a collaborative enterprise and students should learn this from the very beginning. We learn not only from books, lectures, videos, and Wikipedia. We often do our best learning when we discuss the material with one another, everyone gets something from these interactions.

Ultimately, I believe students learn best in active learning environments utilizing research-based teaching methodologies with criterion-referenced grading. Keeping students engaged with collaborative and hands on learning with plenty of problem solving allows them to flourish in the classroom.